New York, New York

New york, the big apple… A quick wright up from a one week vacation i had there in August. This city is so awesome! I have already started calculating how many organs i can live without, and still be able to go here one more time ( Anyone who needs a kidney or an arm?) 😉

First up,when traveling from Norway, you really need to keep your eyes out the window when passing Greenland. There is just so many scenic views there. Glaciers, drift ice and fantastic enormous mountains. Didn’t take any great shots of it unfortunately, so i just leave you with this snapshot. And have you ever wondered why they don’t fly “in a straight line”  When flying from Oslo to New York? It seems unnecessary to fly over Greenland ? Well, the earth is round, not flat 😉 Check out this link (in Norwegian)

_DSC5749-Edit smalWe stayed at the Hilton Times Square, and i can highly recommend this hotel. Located in 42’n street, you are close to all the action, and a great starting point to most of the sights in New York.

_DSC6428-Edit smalAnd the view from our room on 35’th floor was quite breathtaking!

hilton viewThis city has all you could ever imagine, and then some. Walking around in New York is like being on a big film set.

_DSC6838-Edit smal

Besides just wondering around soaking in the big city life, there are the “must see” sights. Lets start of with Rockefeller center. On the GE building is the Rockefeller center observation deck. 70 floors high, 3 viewing decks, and a 360º city view.

_DSC6691-Edit smalI chose this over the Empire state building, mainly because of the big lines at Empire (Several hours from what i heard). But also because the great view you get over Central park, that you don’t see from the Empire state building.

_DSC6659-Edit smalAnd from Rockefeller center you also get to see the Empire state building, witch you don’t from the Empire state building 🙂 Behind you also see the One World trade center (Freedom Tower), and the statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. (Click to view larger)

_DSC6692-Edit smalSome blocks north of Rockefeller center is Central park. A great place to unwind from the busy city life, and watch the squirrels (there’s a lot of them there ;))

_DSC6723-Edit smalOne great experience is to get on the water and see the city skyline, bridges, statue of liberty etc. You can use the free Staten Island Ferry (Info:, or do what i did. I chose the Harbor lights cruise from Circle line. Just go all the way west on 42’nd street, and you arrive at Pier 54. The Harbor lights cruise starts at 19.00, and ends approximately 21.00. You then get to see the skyline, bridges, statue of liberty etc when the sun sets (Recommended tour!)

lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge illuminated by the setting sun

_DSC6045-Edit smalBrooklyn Bridge (Completed in 1883), and lower Manhattan, often referred to as “downtown”.

_DSC6261-Edit smalSunset under Manhattan Bridge. Shot from East river, facing Manhattan. The highest building is the One World Trade Center.

_DSC6121-Edit Manhattan BridgeDomino Sugar factory on the banks of Williamsburg (East river). Loving these old abandoned buildings. They are so photogenic!  This building was actually the largest sugar refinery in the world at one time. employed over 4,000 workers and processed 3 million pounds of sugar a day. In 2004, after nearly 150 years of service, the factory shut down due to a steady decline in demand.

_DSC6156-Edit smalGreat colors when the sun setts over Long Island city!

_DSC6184-Edit smalThe blue hour!
Shot from Hudson river, facing Battery Park City, and One World Trade Center.

_DSC6366-Edit smalStatue of Liberty. This was actual a (small) disappointment, compared to how big everything else in New York is. I had a vision that this statue was extremely large, and its “just” 305 feet (92meter) total.

_DSC6013-Edit smalDowntown skyline panorama.

_DSC6350-Edit smalAnd then to something completely different. Eating and drinking! I can recommend 4 places from my experience. Johns pizzeria (260 W. 44th Street) is hard to spot, and doesn’t look that special. But when entering, its lots of activity and people. Some waiting time (As almost anywhere that’s popular), but they have a bar you can wait in. Great pizza! Then its the Olive garden smack right in the middle of Times Square, and the Red lobster at 7’th avenue, between 41’th and 42’nd street.  But the restaurant you definitely have to visit in New York, is TAO restaurant at 42 East 58th Street. The visit to TAO was alone worth the trip to New York. The food, the atmosphere, the service etc was top notch. Probably my best restaurant experience ever! Don’t miss TAO if you go to New York!

260 W. 44th Street New York, NY

_DSC5861-Edit smalI was afraid that I had to be without my favorite beer, wheat beer (preferably German) the hole trip to New York. But i discovered “Blue Moon”, a Belgian-style Wit-bier. Tasted real great, especially with bite of orange 😉

_DSC6759-Edit smalPreparation for a fashion shoot just below Times Square.

_DSC5909-Edit smal

These guys drove down times square several times a day as if it was an emergency, only to stop a little farther down the road, so people could take pictures with the firemen 🙂

_DSC5881-Edit smalTimes Square…..  All the signs that lights up this place at night makes it feel like broad daylight!

_DSC6987-Edit smalbring a lot of dollars! Both for shopping, and for tip

_DSC6857-Edit smal

_DSC6868-Edit smalRobert John Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy

_DSC6745-Edit smalSky high – literally — Trump World Tower

861 feet high,  the Trump World Tower was the tallest all-residential tower in the world briefly, prior to the completion of the 21st Century Tower in Dubai

_DSC6581-Edit smalFlatiron building (1902)

_DSC6471-Edit smalI just had to take the classical long exposure photo from Grand Central Terminal. diggin that I got a couple who kissed goodbye in between all the other blurred busy traffic.

_DSC6940-Edit smalEmpire state building

_DSC6461-Edit smalSoHo. Known for being the location of many artists’ lofts and art galleries, and also, more recently, for the wide variety of stores and shops ranging from trendy boutiques to outlets of upscale national and international chain stores.

_DSC6526-Edit smalOne World trade center (Freedom Tower)

_DSC6541-Edit smalTypical New York architecture

_DSC6579-Edit smalManhattan bridge is quite the build considering is build from 1902-1912. It has four vehicle lanes on the upper level. The lower level has three lanes, four subway tracks, a walkway and a bikeway.

_DSC6564-Edit smalNewer felt unsafe anywhere in Manhattan… and cops almost everywhere!

_DSC6822-Edit smalCheers everyone… I’m definitely going back someday!