New York part II (B&W)

Well it’s been some time since my last post, but here are some more shots from New York.
This time only in black & white, apposed to last time where it was all colors. This city is so colorful in every way, but i felt these shots was more suited in black and white. You can check out travel tips and my thoughts about New York in my first post here:

I felt these shots didn’t need any explanations or comments, as they work best if you make up your own mind about what you see. Please feel free to comment or ask questions below. Hope you enjoy, and please share with other New York fans or photography friends 🙂

_DSC7019-Edit bw smal_DSC6588-Edit bw smal_DSC6915-Edit bw smal#Read the poster on the wall^

_DSC7013-Edit bw smal

_DSC6901-Edit bw smal_DSC6609-Edit bw smal_DSC5867-Edit bw smal_DSC5907-Edit bw smal#Firetruck

_DSC6879-Edit bw smal_DSC6524-Edit NYC_DSC5871-Edit bw smal_DSC6450-Edit bw smal_DSC6585-Edit bw smal_DSC6540-Edit bw smal_DSC6700-Edit bw smal_DSC6821-Edit bw smal_DSC6448-Edit bw smal_DSC6480-Edit bw smalHappy new year!


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