Prague, Czech Republic

Newer got around to posting these shots. But better late than newer 🙂

I spent Easter 2012 in Prague, The Capital of the Czech Republic. What an amazing city, and so much greatly preserved old architecture over a vast area of the city. The atmosphere both day and night is awesome. This is the place to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend! 😉

We stayed one week at the Hotel Metamorphis, just a couple of blocks behind the old town square, with overview of the “backside” of the Church of Our Lady before Týn (14th century)

This is the Church of Our Lady before Týn seen from the old town square

_DSC9568-Edit smalThe old town square has heavy crowds of tourists, and a lot of things going on. But keep your valuables out of reach for the many pickpockets that’s around.

_DSC9529-Edit smalThe Prague astronomical clock is the big tourist magnet on the old town square. Every hour its a “show” when the clock goes of.

_DSC9531-Edit smalThe Czech Republic is also known for its great brewery.  And this green Easter edition of the Krušovice beer was real nice 😉

_DSC0057-Edit smalThe most iconic and known place of Prague is most likely Charles Bridge. It’s construction was started in 1357, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century.

_DSC9707 smalIt’s many statues on the bridge is each and one a piece of art.

_DSC9523-Edit smalHere is one of the towers at the start of the bridge (Old Town Bridge Tower)

_DSC9518-Edit smalThe view from the Old Town Bridge Tower

_DSC9906-Edit smalOn top of the other side of the Charles bridge is the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral.

_DSC9847-Edit smal_DSC9940-Edit smalOn the way up to Prague Castle

_DSC9473-Edit smal_DSC9507-Edit smalPrague is also known for its Marionette Puppets

_DSC9438-Edit smalPilsner Urquell is one of my favorite Czech beers. But be aware of the prices for food an beverage because it’s 5 times more expensive in the pupular places like the old town square. Just move a couple of blocks and you can see the prices drop drasticaly.

_DSC0091-Edit smalHorse and carriage is also a way of getting around town 🙂

_DSC0088-Edit smalOr canal boat

_DSC9962-Edit samlThe Dancing House

_DSC9740-Edit smalpanorama of Charles bridge

Untitled_Panorama1 merged smal_DSC9512-Edit smal

Thanks for looking, and finishing up with a shot of the Kampa Park restaurant by the water, and the  Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral beautify lit up at night.

_DSC9836-Edit smal