Tourist in my hometown – Oslo

One gets really blind of photo-opportunities in ones own city. But when you are a tourist in another city, you see everything in a different way. That’s why i decided to try and make a city walk in my hometown Oslo. Armed with my tourist eyes, i tried to shoot some of Oslo’s architecture from a tourist perspective 🙂 All images are clickable to see the larger versions. (All shot with a Fujifilm XT1 camera with a 23mm f1, 4 lens).

This statue is placed in Kvadraturen (The quadrature) near the Akershus fortress. The hand pointing illustrates the hand of King Christian IV, when he supposedly pointed at this spot and said “The new town will lie here!”. This was after the big fire in 1624. There are still several well preserved buildings in this area from the 17th century.

DSCF1112-Edit smal

Moving over to the main street (90% pedestrian walkway), we find Karl Jonahs gate. This street stretches from the main train station, and up to the Royal palace that you can spot in the end of the road. On the left is the side of the The parliament (Stortinget).

DSCF1185-Edit smalOne of the 2 lions guarding the entrance to The Parliament.

DSCF1180-Edit smalThe Parliament

DSCF1166-Edit smalIn the middle of Carl Johan Street we find Egertorget, easily recognizable by its  “Freia” commercial on the rooftop.

last blogMoving only one street east, we find Grensen, and in the end we can spot Oslo Cathedral (consecrated in 1697)

DSCF1187-Edit smal II

The cathedrals interior was put back to its original baroque stile in 1950. And the outside had a major renovation finished just some time ago. This was actually the first time i ever entered this church. Guess i had to enter my tourist mode first 😉

DSCF1092-Edit smal II

Oslo Cathedral is the main church for Oslo bishopric of the church of Norway. The Royal Family and the Norwegian Government use this church for public events. The large ceiling murals was painted by Hugo Lous Mohr between 1936 and 1950. The stained glas are made by Emanuel Vigeland.

DSCF1089-Edit II smal

The National theater (1899) with Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson standing proudly outside!DSCF1158-Edit smal

The University of Oslo, near the Royal Palace has just finished a big makeover of the facade.

DSCF1153-Edit smalThe new Opera in Oslo. With a price-tag of approximately 500.000.000 euro, this building is quite astonishing. Placed right besides the new Oslo “sky-line”, this area is going to be a nice place when they are finished building it (Now its only a big construction site)

DSCF1104-Edit warmer smalOslo stock exchange.

DSCF1106-Edit smal II

Finishing up with 2 shots from Aker brygge and Tjuvholmen. This dock area was originally a shipyard and had mechanical industry up to 1982, until they rebuild it to shopping mall’s and restaurants. The Tjuvholmen area has a lot of new apartments, and also hosts the Astrup fearnley museum.DSCF0740-Edit kkmsmal

DSCF0707-Edit kkm smalCheers!


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