International Workers’ Day in Oslo, shot with the Fujinon 56mm f1.2

Finally got my back-ordered Fujinon 56mm f1.2 about a week ago. What a better way of testing this lens with some street portraits at the International Workers’ Day. I went f1,2 all day to see how the 56mm and XT-1 would hold up. Both with AF-C and AF-S depending on the circumstance. Compared to my DSLR and 85 f1,4 i think the success rate what quite high. I would guess 85% keepers. That’s not bad considering the small DOF (Depth Of Field) you get at f1,2. The image quality is also quite staggering wide open. The lens is Small considering it is a 85mm f1,2 equivalent on full frame. Focusing is fast, and reliable. My only thing to point out before you take this lens outdoors, is don’t activate the macro mode in your camera. My first test shots outdoors, trying to shoot at infinity, the camera would not lock on to anything. When in macro mode, this lens will only focus from 70 cm to 3 meters. When deactivating the macro mode the focus goes from 70 cm to infinity. Just a heads up if you encounter this problem. Please click on the pictures to view them in higher resolution (They deserve it to look their best)

DSCF1725-Edit smalThe front element is quite large because of it’s f1,2 aperture. But still the filter size is 62mm, like the 23 f1,4. The lens consist of 11 Lens elements in 8 groups (including 1 aspherical and 2 extra low dispersion elements)

_KKM0423-Edit smal I’m normally not that comfortable doing “up in your face” street photography. But at event’s like this i feel it’s more acceptable as it’s crowded, and the ones out demonstrating is more in a “look at me” mood 🙂

DSCF1895-Edit smal Selective focusing is what its al about whit this lens. The isolation on what you focus on is really good. And the out of focus rendering (bokeh) is really nice, even in harsh lighting like this.

DSCF1815-Edit smalDSCF1809-Edit smalNot many lenses can show off with a f1,2 aperture. The balance on a XT-1 is somewhat front heavy, but not so much it’s a problem. The 23 f1,4 is the perfect balance on the XT-1 in my opinion.

_KKM0428-Edit smalOn the International Workers’ Day (May 1.) you see all kind of people outside  in demonstrations to promote their opinion.

DSCF1870-Edit smal

DSCF1884-Edit smalManual focusing on the 56mm has a bit of a long throw from end to end in my opinion. But i have not had the time to fully explore this beast’s manual focusing abilities, so I’ll come back to it at a later stage. But I’m disappointed it doesn’t have the push/pull ring to shift from auto focus to manual focus like the 23 mm and 14 mm. That would have made this lens perfected.

_KKM0422-Edit smalDSCF1742-Edit smalDSCF1754-Edit smal

DSCF1737-Edit smalDSCF1771-Edit smalThe podium at “Youngstorget” in Oslo. Speeches are held here on Labor day/International Workers’ Day.

DSCF1888-Edit smal

DSCF1889-Edit smalDSCF1877-Edit smalHope you enjoyed, and feel free to share if you did! I Also have a new Facebook page for all my non automotive photography. Please hit the like button to keep up with everything new:



12 thoughts on “International Workers’ Day in Oslo, shot with the Fujinon 56mm f1.2

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  4. Great pictures and write up on a beautiful lens/camera combo. If your a fan of fuji you should check out my page I shoot exclusively with the X100s. Keep up the great work.


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  6. The exposure and color quality is just really wonderful. But the shot of the “old man & red flag” stands out a something special.
    The texture and lighting on his gray sports coat…really becomes an active element with his facial textures. They both just pop off the background. The lens renders the details super sharp. five stars.


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