Kill City Bandits at John Dee, May 16.

As i promised in my previous post from the carburetors concert, here are the shots from  Kill City Bandits at  John Dee!  The Kill City bandits had the opening act for The Carburetors, and they did an awesome job getting the crowd all pumped up and ready. Kill City Bandits is an up and coming band, highly praised by for instance Metal Hammer Norway. The band consists of  Paul Erik Vercouteren (Drums) , Freddie Brox (guitar), Ulrik Danneborg (Vocal), Biggs Furulund (guitar) and Jens Nero Nielsen (Bass).

Please click on the images to see them in higher resolution (recommended) 


The lighting was really dim, and i had to push my ISO and shutter speed up to the limit of my comfort zone. But the contrasty and colorful lighting makes the shots “pop” allot more.


What kind band is this, and what kind of music do they play? I’ll just quote Jens Nero from their official website 😉 

KILL CITY BANDITS is the rock n’ roll alternative to boring indie-rock bands, ugly looking metal bands and transparent Idol-plastic artists. Born on the streets of Oslo the five piece formed Kill City Bandits on the assumption that the world is in dire need of heroes. Not the clean-cut, glossy paper kind of mass consumption type of heroes – Kill City Bandits‘ heroes are dead serious, real and somewhat erratic. This approach to life shines through their creativity both in songs and live shows. But it also sets the context for more aspects of KCB, taking the rock and roll lifestyle back to it’s basics while facing the future with all guns blazing.  “-This is greater than all of us. Like an occult hex, KCB controls us more than we control it. It’s the best curse one could ever have!” says Jens Nero, founding member and bassplayer“.



Jens Nero Nielsen (Bass)


Biggs Furulund (guitar)


Freddie Brox (guitar)


Ulrik Danneborg (Vocal)



Paul Erik Vercouteren (Drums)


_KKM0554-Edit 1100 smal







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