The Carburetors @ John Dee 19.12.2014

Ain’t no better way to get in the proper Christmas mood than some Fast forward Rock’n roll.
December 19, The Carburetors performed their annual ”Christmas show” at John Dee.
_KKM4832-Edit small

Starting off with the curtains pulled together with Jussi Bjørling singing “o helga natt” (O Holy Night), sets the mood before they start their well known intro with V8’s roaring, making your eardrums allmost burst!

_KKM4700-Edit small

Packed with a 24-70 and a 200mm prime lens, I was there to shoot the show. But this time it was quite a challenge. There were a lot of people ready for getting in the Christmas mood, and the place was packed almost full. Of course great for the guys on stage, but a pain in the ass for me. John Dee being a fairly small venue, there aren’t any dedicated photo pits. Getting any clear view without arms and heads in the frame is challenging. In some shots it ads to the mood, but not in every shot.

_KKM4902-Edit small

But despite the crowd, I feel I got a fair amount of decent shots. Especially when the lighting tech people were on my side, spreading some awesome light! (Thanks!)

_KKM4992-Edit-2 small

Kai Kidd had some great lights on him in several occasions, making him one of my favorite objects this evening. Of course his expressions and presence on stage makes him very photogenic. He always goes that extra mile pleasing the audience.

_KKM4715-Edit small

Eddie Guz is of course also a real crowd pleaser. His voice is a big part of The Carburetors distinctive sound.

_KKM4768-Edit smallStian Krogh

_KKM4876-Edit smallKing O’Men

_KKM5075-Edit small

You definitely need to know the “Rock on” sign when you’re at a Carburetors concert!

_KKM4869-Edit-2 smallLove the colors and contrast in this shot of Kai Kidd

_KKM4859-Edit small

_KKM5064-Edit small

_KKM4981-Edit small

_KKM4821-Edit small

The limited access I had too moving freely around, made it hard getting any shots of Chris Nitro. But here is on of the few I managed to get.

_KKM4945-Edit small

_KKM5061-Edit small

_KKM4922-Edit small

_KKM4948-Edit small

Atle Steigedal joining Kai Kidd on stage for a one song jam.

_KKM4951-Edit small


_KKM5065-Edit small

_KKM4925-Edit small

_KKM4855-Edit small

_KKM5175-Edit small

Never a real Carburetors concert without Kai smashing his guitar!

_KKM5238-Edit small

Next time I’m shooting a concert, I really need a venue with a decent photo pit 🙂

_KKM5032-Edit small

My last picture, and actually also my favorite picture from this show. Love the dim light and the atmosphere.

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