Behind the scene, making of The Carburetors music video “”LORDS OF THUNDER” (feat. Shagrath)

_KKM8668-Edit small

Fast Forward Rock’n’Roll,  45 degrees celsius, 99,9% air humidity, and so many spotlights the power consumption could make a small village go dark. That’s what met me when entering the scene of the Carburetors shooting their new video.

_DSF8474-Edit small

I was asked to shoot some behind the scene shots from the video Lords of thunder. This is one of the new songs from their newly released album Laughing in the face of death. The album is just released, and many have been waiting in anticipation for their new album for a long time now. It’s been awhile since Rock’n’Roll Forever, which was their previous album, released in 2008.

Eddie Guz, Vocal

_KKM8397-Edit small

Kai Kidd, Guitar

_KKM8411-Edit small

Producer Christian Falch (Gammaglimt As) and the rest of the team shot and put together an awesome end product in this video. I don’t think most people know how much planning, how many GB of raw material, and how much pre-production work that is put into something as “small” as a tree and a half minute video! This wouldn’t be possible without experienced and knowledgeable people.

_DSF8468-Edit small

They shot with a RED 4K camera coupled with a Fujinon 19-90 T2.9. The RED camera shoots in ultra-high definition (3840 x 2160), and the cost is like a nice Porsche.

_KKM8930-Edit small

Fast Forward Rock & Roll !!

_DSF8459-Edit small

One big surprise for many was that Shagrath was performing with the Carburetors in this song, and that’s a really cool addition to this video. Shagrath (Stian Thoresen) is probably best known from the internationally successful Dimmu Borgir. Eddie Guz and Shagrath previously played together in Chrome division where Eddie was the vocalist and Shagrath was playing guitar, so they’re no strangers.

_KKM8506-Edit small


_KKM8563-Edit small

King O’Men emerging from a sea of awesome backlighting.

_KKM8858-Edit small

A lift made it possible to get some shots from up high.

_DSF8514-Edit small

Stian Krogh, Guitar

_KKM8420-Edit small

The LD, Odmund Berg didn’t leave any light bulbs at home this day, as the backlighting was massive!

Here’s Odmunds Mission control center:

_KKM8708-Edit small

Some short brakes made for a quick snap between the sessions.

Kai Kidd – Chris Nitro – King O’Men

_DSF8573-Edit small

_KKM8606-Edit small

Chris Nitro

_KKM8638-Edit small


_KKM8611-Edit small

_KKM8507-Edit small

_KKM8842-Edit small

Some unusual angles made for unique shots of Chris Nitro.

_KKM8720-Edit-2 small

_KKM8718-Edit small

_KKM8614-Edit small

_KKM8361-Edit small

_KKM8902-Edit small

_DSF8489-Edit small

_KKM8483-Edit small

_KKM8818-Edit small

_KKM8914-Edit small

_KKM8573-Edit small

_KKM8401-Edit small

_KKM8446-Edit-2 small

_KKM8905-Edit small

_DSF8546-Edit small

_DSF8415-Edit small

Remember to get the new album, and of course if you’re a real music lover, you can get the album on vinyl.

Don’t forget to view the end product here:

(click: 1080i, HD)

Bonus shot: Shargath and Kai Kidd 😉

_KKM8872 small


The Carburetors @ John Dee 16.05.2015

Yet again I had the pleasure of shooting The Carburetors the night before the Norwegian national day! This time with the Norwegian Revolver Avenue and the German V8Wankers as support. Revolver Avenue really surprised me, playing some great songs with real confidence for such a “young” band (First EP released in 2011). Unfortunately for the support bands, the lighting was not in their favor for getting great shots. The best light is usually “saved” for the main band. The band members have no, or very little front light, and a bucket load of back lighting. So I decided to enjoy the music (And a cold beer), leaving me only with this one keeper of Nils Alex Rama Engeness from Revolver Avenue.
PS: All the pictures are clickable so you can see them in a higher resolution! (recommended)

Nils Alex Rama Engeness

_DSF6638-Edit small

ƒ/2.8 – 16.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 4000

Usually I’m packed with photo equipment (Almost to the point of needing a Sherpa and pack donkeys). But this time I traveled light, only with a mirrorless camera (Fujifilm XT-1) and the new Fujinon 16-55 2.8 lens. And i must say I’m highly impressed with this combo. I didn’t know what to expect from this camera in these low light and fast-moving situation. But hey, this little camera really performs. Both the high ISO capabilities, and the focusing was really great. The focus off course is not on par with my Nikon D800, but it was more than sufficient. For those with photo interest, I placed the Exif data under all the shots, so you can see the shooting data. Everything was shot in full manual mode.

Next up was the V8Wankers. Their a band originating from Offenbach in Germany, and was formed back in 2000. The 15 years of experience as a band really shows, and like The Carburetors, they’re also a bunch of real crowd pleaser’s. I highly recommend to see them live if you get the opportunity. Remember to check out their new album “Harden the Fuck up’!!

Lutz Vegas

_DSF6706-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 42.7 mm – 1/250 – ISO 6400

Themighty Kingyeah

_DSF6669-Edit small

ƒ/2.8- 18.2 mm – 1/250 – ISO 5000

Luke le Duke

_DSF6724-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 40.1 mm – 1/250 – ISO 5000

_DSF6785-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 55.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 2500

_DSF6838-Edit small

ƒ/2.8 – 55.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 5000

I’ve waited in anticipation for a while to hear some of the new songs from The Carburetors. Well, the audience didn’t go empty-handed home. Check out the concert playlist!

_KKM5395-Edit small

I’m so looking forward to the release of the new album (And maybe a spot in the photo pit at the release concert????)
The new songs I’ve heard so far sounds awesome!

Eddie Guz & Stian Krogh

_DSF7265-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 42.7 mm – 1/400 – ISO 3200

King O’Men

_DSF7307-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 16.0 mm – 1/400 – ISO 4000

Kai Kidd is always a crowd pleaser!

_DSF7382-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 16.0 mm – 1/400 – ISO 1000

The master of drums, Chris Nitro!

_DSF7625-Edit small

ƒ/2.8 – 40.0 mm – 1/320 – ISO 2000

_DSF6979-Edit-2 smallƒ/2.8 – 16.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 1000

_DSF7138-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 55.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 1000

Stian Krogh & Kai Kidd

_DSF7111-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 48.5 mm – 1/250 – ISO 800

_DSF7198-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 40.1 mm – 1/400 – ISO 1600

_DSF7459-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 40.1 mm – 1/400 – ISO 1000

Kai Kidd – Double thirstquencher!

_DSF7437-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 55.0mm – 1/400 – ISO 1600

_DSF7430-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 55.0 mm – 1/400 – ISO 1600

_DSF6987-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 16.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 1000

_DSF7017-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 16.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 1600

_DSF7124-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 47.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 800

_DSF7701-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 40.1 mm – 1/320 – ISO 2500

_DSF7337-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 30.2 mm – 1/400 – ISO 2000

_DSF7513-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 31.1 mm – 1/400 – ISO 1000

_DSF7088-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 55.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 1000

_DSF7384-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 16.0 mm – 1/400 – ISO 1000_DSF7171-Edit smallƒ/2.8 – 16.0 mm – 1/250 – ISO 1250

That’s all for now, and thanks for the backstage whiskey and after-party!
(Almost felt like a rockstar myself when i woke up the next morning 😉 )

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The Carburetors @ John Dee 19.12.2014

Ain’t no better way to get in the proper Christmas mood than some Fast forward Rock’n roll.
December 19, The Carburetors performed their annual ”Christmas show” at John Dee.
_KKM4832-Edit small

Starting off with the curtains pulled together with Jussi Bjørling singing “o helga natt” (O Holy Night), sets the mood before they start their well known intro with V8’s roaring, making your eardrums allmost burst!

_KKM4700-Edit small

Packed with a 24-70 and a 200mm prime lens, I was there to shoot the show. But this time it was quite a challenge. There were a lot of people ready for getting in the Christmas mood, and the place was packed almost full. Of course great for the guys on stage, but a pain in the ass for me. John Dee being a fairly small venue, there aren’t any dedicated photo pits. Getting any clear view without arms and heads in the frame is challenging. In some shots it ads to the mood, but not in every shot.

_KKM4902-Edit small

But despite the crowd, I feel I got a fair amount of decent shots. Especially when the lighting tech people were on my side, spreading some awesome light! (Thanks!)

_KKM4992-Edit-2 small

Kai Kidd had some great lights on him in several occasions, making him one of my favorite objects this evening. Of course his expressions and presence on stage makes him very photogenic. He always goes that extra mile pleasing the audience.

_KKM4715-Edit small

Eddie Guz is of course also a real crowd pleaser. His voice is a big part of The Carburetors distinctive sound.

_KKM4768-Edit smallStian Krogh

_KKM4876-Edit smallKing O’Men

_KKM5075-Edit small

You definitely need to know the “Rock on” sign when you’re at a Carburetors concert!

_KKM4869-Edit-2 smallLove the colors and contrast in this shot of Kai Kidd

_KKM4859-Edit small

_KKM5064-Edit small

_KKM4981-Edit small

_KKM4821-Edit small

The limited access I had too moving freely around, made it hard getting any shots of Chris Nitro. But here is on of the few I managed to get.

_KKM4945-Edit small

_KKM5061-Edit small

_KKM4922-Edit small

_KKM4948-Edit small

Atle Steigedal joining Kai Kidd on stage for a one song jam.

_KKM4951-Edit small


_KKM5065-Edit small

_KKM4925-Edit small

_KKM4855-Edit small

_KKM5175-Edit small

Never a real Carburetors concert without Kai smashing his guitar!

_KKM5238-Edit small

Next time I’m shooting a concert, I really need a venue with a decent photo pit 🙂

_KKM5032-Edit small

My last picture, and actually also my favorite picture from this show. Love the dim light and the atmosphere.

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Kill City Bandits at John Dee, May 16.

As i promised in my previous post from the carburetors concert, here are the shots from  Kill City Bandits at  John Dee!  The Kill City bandits had the opening act for The Carburetors, and they did an awesome job getting the crowd all pumped up and ready. Kill City Bandits is an up and coming band, highly praised by for instance Metal Hammer Norway. The band consists of  Paul Erik Vercouteren (Drums) , Freddie Brox (guitar), Ulrik Danneborg (Vocal), Biggs Furulund (guitar) and Jens Nero Nielsen (Bass).

Please click on the images to see them in higher resolution (recommended) 


The lighting was really dim, and i had to push my ISO and shutter speed up to the limit of my comfort zone. But the contrasty and colorful lighting makes the shots “pop” allot more.


What kind band is this, and what kind of music do they play? I’ll just quote Jens Nero from their official website 😉 

KILL CITY BANDITS is the rock n’ roll alternative to boring indie-rock bands, ugly looking metal bands and transparent Idol-plastic artists. Born on the streets of Oslo the five piece formed Kill City Bandits on the assumption that the world is in dire need of heroes. Not the clean-cut, glossy paper kind of mass consumption type of heroes – Kill City Bandits‘ heroes are dead serious, real and somewhat erratic. This approach to life shines through their creativity both in songs and live shows. But it also sets the context for more aspects of KCB, taking the rock and roll lifestyle back to it’s basics while facing the future with all guns blazing.  “-This is greater than all of us. Like an occult hex, KCB controls us more than we control it. It’s the best curse one could ever have!” says Jens Nero, founding member and bassplayer“.



Jens Nero Nielsen (Bass)


Biggs Furulund (guitar)


Freddie Brox (guitar)


Ulrik Danneborg (Vocal)



Paul Erik Vercouteren (Drums)


_KKM0554-Edit 1100 smal







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The Carburetors @ John Dee, 16 May 2014

_KKM0664-Edit smal

I’ve been wanting to shoot a concert for a long time, and when the possibility opened up to shoot The Carburetors, there wasn’t any doubt in my mind. Yes, hell yes, i want to shoot The Carburetors;)

They are known for there great stage performance, and going “all the way” no matter how Small or big the venue is. This time they were playing on John Dee, as they have done annually on May 16 for the last 10 years. (The night before the Norwegian national day).
Packed with to much gear, i headed to John Dee to see what all the fuzz was about!

Please click on the images to see them in higher resolution (recommended)

_KKM0686-Edit 1000 smalEddie Guz – lead vocals

It was also ten years since the release of the band’s debut album, Pain Is Temporary, Glory Is Forever“, so it was kind off a double anniversary. The band played the whole album, as well as some other songs like “Don’t Touch the Flame”.

_KKM0820-Edit 1100 smalKing O’Men – bass

Oh my, do these guys put on a show. This is what you get when you mix Rock ‘n’ roll and metal. Beer flowing in all directions (meaning from stage and to the audience,and vice versa), smashing of guitars, and just a presence on stage like very few other bands!

_KKM0889-Edit 1100 smalKai Kidd – guitar

The band is working on a new album which we all are anxiously waiting for.

_KKM0832-Edit 1000 smalStian Krogh – lead guitar

I was a bit worried before I arrived, regarding what the stage lighting would be like. This is one of the most important thing when photographing in these circumstances. Would it at all be possible to get fast enough shutter speeds to get sharp shots? These guys don’t stand still for long, and shutter speeds like 1/60 second isn’t gonna cut it here (As long as you are not looking to create motion blur as an artistic effect)

_KKM1126-Edit 1100 smalThe Kill City Bandits had the the opening act (Some shots of them coming in a blog post at a later time). And as i was shooting them, the lighting was really dim. I had to bump my ISO to about 6400 and higher to get any decent shutter speeds. But the lighting tech guys (girls?) had done an awesome job preparing some really fantastic light when The Carburetors entered the stage. I could shoot at ISO 1250-2000 at f2,8 to f3,5, and have shutter speeds in the 1/200 to 1/640 range.

_KKM0700-Edit 1100 smal

One important thing when shooting concert photos is not to forget the drummer. Hidden away all the way in the back, doing some of the hardest work is Chris Nitro. I had a really hard time getting some shots of him. The lighting was really dim, he was constantly moving, the light was coming straight in to my lens, and the other band members are constantly passing my view. But finally i got some shots. I like this, as you can see the drums mirroring in this shades.

_KKM0935-Edit 1100 smalChris Nitro and King O’Men hitting it hard!

_KKM0996-Edit 1100 smal

Stian Krogh, Rock on!

_KKM1234-Edit 1000 smal

backup singer Monica Rennan Hjelle made sure the testosterone level was cooled down a bit.

_KKM1325-Edit 1000 smal_KKM1389-Edit 1100 smal_KKM0777-Edit 1000 smalThe pit was almost non existence at John Dee. So there was no reserved space for us photographers right by the stage. I really wanted some wide, up close shots of Eddie. But i didn’t want to crash into the crowd up front, who after all paid a ticket and are the ones the show is for.

_KKM1257-Edit 1100 smal

Kai Kidd gets thirsty after getting the crowd wet with his beer spray.

_KKM0924-Edit1100 smal_KKM0778-Edit 1000 smal_KKM0860-Edit 1100 smal_KKM0795-Edit 1100 smal
_KKM0776-Edit 1000 smal
_KKM1514-Edit 1400 smal_KKM0692-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1253-Edit1100 smal_KKM0847-Edit 1000 smal_KKM0730-Edit 1000 smal_KKM0783-Edit 1000 smal

_KKM1218-Edit 1000 smalOk, enough of the color shots. Rock ‘n’ roll photography should also be done in Black & White!

_KKM1169-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1025-Edit 1100 smal

_KKM1036-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1091-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1058-Edit 1100 smal

_KKM0856-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1059-Edit 1100 smal

To be my first time ever shooting a concert, I’m pretty happy with the result. This is definitely something I‘d love to do again if the opportunity presents itself. Feel you free to share this article, and Please go and hit the like button on my new Facebook page to keep up with everything new!

Rock on!

here's a small teaser