The ultimate speed festival, Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016!

The Goodwood estate has a long history with British racing. When Lord March took over the property in 1990, he wanted to bring back to life historic racing at the Goodwood Circuit. But without the necessary permits, he had to come up with something else. So in 1993, Lord March invited a small selection of historic vehicles to his property, to race a Hill climb. First year starting with 25.000 visitors. But in the following years hosted tens of thousands, and in these days up to 150.000 over the 4 festival days. (Tickets are limited to maximum 150.000)

_DSF0801 small

Giving you just a small sense of what this festival is all about is really hard, but i will try. Please start this video, and let it roll when reading and scrolling on. (Not phone/tablet friendly). Motorsport is also very much about the noise these fantastic machines make!

The Hill climb with it’s gorgeous British surroundings makes for some great framing. Like here, framing in the iconic BMW March 86G .

_DSF9314 small

Goodwood Festival of Speed shows of a wide range of vehicles. Both in eras and types of vehicles. Some of these old machines are so awesome, with engine displacements leaving every 21 century machines in envy. Notice also the chain drive!

_DSF9188 small

There are rarely any fancy racing suits at Goodwood. Many tries to recreate the era of their vehicle. All the marshals has “retro” looking clothing. No fancy racing barriers either, just hay bales firmly hold together with wood logs.

_DSF0463 small

_DSF0625 small

_DSF0099 small

The theme for 2016 was James Hunt, celebrating 40 years since winning the Formula 1 World Championship. And they didn’t spare on the amount of previously “Hunt the Shunt” vehicles. For instance like James Hunt’s McLaren M26 below.

_DSF9369 small

James Hunts sons, Tom Hunt and Freddie Hunt (Euro NASCAR racer) was also present. Look them up, they are very much alike their father!

_DSF0803 small

Mirage GR7 previously driven by James Hunt.

_DSF9398 small

Goodwood is not all about cars. It’s everything that moves with an engine, like planes, helicopters, trucks and not to forget bikes.

_DSF9460 small

_DSF9448 small_DSF9450 small

_DSF9472 small

_DSF9626 small

Ellen Lohr, DTM race winner and current Dakar rally driver. Here seen in a racing Mercedes Truck speeding up the hill climb. This really shows the diversity of this festival!

_DSF9250 small

New and old cars on display let you wander in the more quiet areas, soaking inn all these beautiful creations.

_DSF0798 small

_DSF0794 small

_DSF0792 small

_DSF0791 small

_DSF0780 small

_DSF9130 small

_DSF0269 small

_DSF0276 small

I spent 2 days at Goodwood. The first day, Friday was really warm and nice. But Saturday showed some of the well known British weather, changing from sun to rain and back again faster than you could unfold your umbrella.

_DSF0789 small

The list of celebrities is long, with for instance Keanu Reeves riding this bike he designed.


Not long after, Audi Tradition was preparing this amazing V16, Auto Union Type C from 1936 for another celebrity.

_DSF9690 small

_DSF9682 small

_DSF9683 small

Car fanatic, and drummer for Pink Floyd, Nick Mason was driving this powerful exotic beast.

_DSF9746 small

_DSF9752 small

_DSF0479 small

The list of celebrities just goes on and on… so if your an autograf hunter, it’s definitely a place to be. Not to forget the legendary Sir Jackie Stewart in this old Lotus. Just love Jackies well known helmet livery, showing his scottish heritage.

_DSF9438 small

When i though i had seen it all, just a short trip with the free shuttle, you find the Rally stage. The rally stage parking was packed with Rally icons…..


_DSF0718 small

_DSF0740 small

_DSF0736 small

_DSF0717 small

_DSF0721 small

Back to the Hill climb, here with the Renault Nervasport, rebuilt by Renault Classic. In 1934, after 48 hours, 3 minutes and 14 seconds of racing, the Nervasport crossed the finish line after beating nine international records and three world records including a record: 8037 km in 48 hours (167.445 km/h average). That’s not bad considering it was in 1934!

_DSF0540 small

Talking about dressing to you vehicles era, love this!

_DSF0502 small

There was also 7 Formula 1 teams present, including a lot of older F1 vehicles.

_DSF9520 small

_DSF0368 small

_DSF0291 small

_DSF9529 small

_DSF9341 small

_DSF9335 small

_DSF9510 small

This V12 Honda had an amazing ear shattering roar.

_DSF9229 small

Susie Wolff (retired British racing driver from Scotland) driving this priceless Mercedes 300 SLS.

_DSF0694 small

The RAF Red Arrows put on a hell of an airshow.

_DSF9615 small

The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 definitely was up top my expectations, and then some. Highly recommended, and sure as hell i want to go back!

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Here are some bonus shots for you all!

_DSF9206 small

_DSF0734 small

_DSF9213 small

_DSF9596 small

_DSF9579 small

_DSF9574 small

_DSF0477 small

_DSF9320 small

_DSF0475 small

_DSF0464 small

_DSF0466 small

vaughn gittin jr.

_DSF9295 small

_DSF9659 small

_DSF9969 small

_DSF9434 mall

_DSF9220 small

_DSF9153 small

_DSF0198 small

_DSF0457 small

_DSF0068 small

_DSF9210 small

_DSF9641 small

_DSF9568 small

_DSF0808 small

_DSF9613 small

_DSF9676 small

_DSF9771 small

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Rome, shot with the Fujifilm X-T1

The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” have a much stronger meaning after visiting in August 2014. The sight of the city, the buildings and the incredible decorations and carvings are just outstanding. No wonder why this city is on top of many people’s travel list.

DSCF4023-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f8,0 , 1/800sec. (XT-1 Built inn panoramic function)

Before i bought the Fujifilm X-T1, I always brought my heavy DSLR with a bunch of lenses when traveling. But for this trip i choose to bring only my Fujifilm X-T1 with 3 prime lenses. The Fujinon XF14mm F2.8 R, Fujinon XF23mm F1.4 R and the Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R. These lenses have a full frame equivalent focal length of 21, 35 and 85 mm.

DSCF3485-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 640, f9, 1/125sec.

I was still in doubt how I would cope without any zoom lens. My D800 with the 24-70 2.8 have been my workhorse combo on trips before (E.G New York) But aside from a couple of occasions changing back and forth betwheen lenses, my 23mm f.1,4 was the most used lens. The 35mm equivalent focal length is so versatile. In the following, I’ll try to give some tips and experiences from my trip. I have also attached the shooting data (Exif) to all the shots. All shots have been edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. If you haven’t read my mini-review of the X-T1 yet, you can check it out here:

Remember that you can click on the pictures to watch them in higher resolution!

DSCF3658-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 100, f11 , 1/125sec.

The city of Rome has so many sights what are worth seeing. But don’t forget to step inside if you see a random church on the street. Like this church on Via Del Corso. The outside looks fairly modest from the outside, but inside it’s size and decorations is breathtaking.

DSCF3639-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 3200, f2,8 , 1/105sec.

DSCF3638-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 1000, f1,2 , 1/125sec.

We stayed at the Trevi Collection Hotel (Via Gregoriana 56), and I can highly recommend it. Located one block away from the Spanish steps, you have a great starting point seeing the city. Even great for a short pit stop at the Hotel during the day. As I stayed in August it was pretty hot. If you can come another time of the year, I recommend it. If there is no wind, 30C° and above is hot when you are not at the beach. The locals also have holydays in August, so be aware that some of the smaller local shops is closed.

DSCF3551-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 320, f11 , 1/125sec.

Unfortunately the fountain by the Spanish steps (Above) was under restoration. This picture is taken from the Spanish steps, looking down Via Condotti. The Via Condotti is where the high end (Read expensive) shops are located.

DSCF4117-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 400, f5,6 , 1/125sec.

Here is a shot from Via Condotti, looking up to the Spanish Steps.

DSCF4114-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 640, f11 , 1/125sec.

Other streets where shopping is in the focus is, Via Frattina, Via del Corso, Via Nazionale and on the other side of Tiber River (The big river running thru Rome, Called Tevere in Italian) is Via Cola di Rienzo. This street runs all the way up to the Vatican state.

DSCF3671-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1250, f1,6 , 1/125sec.

At the Vatican, i skipped entering Saint Peter Church. The lines was running all the way from the front door and in a half circle around the St. Peter’s Square. You can off course pay up and go with a guided tour, and then you can enter without waiting in the long line.

DSCF3571-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 400, f11, 1/125sec.

DSCF3572-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 250, f11, 1/125sec.

DSCF3568-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1600, f1,4 , 1/125sec.

But I went to the Vatican museum instead. I had online tickets bought ahead of going to Rome. And I’m glad i did. The line was ”miles long”. But with an online ticket, you have your own line, and I was inside in no more than 2 minutes 🙂

DSCF3711-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f11 , 1/350sec.

The Vatican museum consists of to many things to list. But it contains an immense collection built up by the Roman Catholic Church. There are 54 galleries, and you also go thru the Sistine Chapel when taking the recommended route. The Sistine Chapel has its ceiling decorated by Michelangelo. I have no photos from it unfortunately, because it’s the only place where it’s not allowed to take photos. Remember to cover your knees and shoulders, or you won’t be allowed in the Sistine Chapel.

DSCF3709-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 800, f1,4 , 1/60sec.

DSCF3723-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1000, f4,0 , 1/80sec.

DSCF3710-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1250, f1,4 , 1/60sec.

DSCF3744-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 3200, f2,8 , 1/75sec.

You also get a great view of the city from the Vatican Museum

DSCF3716-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f11 , 1/420sec.

The most photographed object in the Vatican museum has to be the Spiral stairs (Designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932)

DSCF3786-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1600, f5,0 , 1/125sec.

Here is a more unusual view from the bottom and up.

DSCF3794-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f4,5 , 1/480sec.

One of the most known places in Rome has to be the Colosseum.

DSCF4070-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f6,4 , 1/450sec. (XT-1 Built inn panoramic function)

Built in 70–80 B.C, it’s quite astonishing that there is still something left of this monster amphitheatre. It is estimated that it could hold as many as 50-80.000 people. The genius layout of sectors, levels and stairs meant that the Colosseum could be emptied with people in a couple of minutes. The construction is so effective that it is still used today with little change (see for instance football stadiums is structured in the same way as the Colusseum)

DSCF4015-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO200, f8 , 1/320sec.

Eating in Rome is of course high on the list. But to distinguish the real good Italian restaurants from the tourist traps can be difficult (Use Tripadviser). One advice, especially good on pizza/lunch is Osteria della Vite (Via della Vite 96-97).

DSCF4127-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, 1,4 , 1/150sec.

Another place I recommend is Sofie Ristorante (Via di Capo Le Case 51). It’s not only traditional Italian food served there. But stil highly recommended.

DSCF3871-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/150sec. (Not from Sofie Ristorante)

Restaurant Antonio al Pantheon had good recommendations in Trivadviser, but I was honestly a bit disappointed.

DSCF3486-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 2000, f2,8 , 1/125sec.

And don’t leave Rome without eating Gelato! (Italian style icecream)

DSCF3624-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/3200sec.

The Italians are also known for good beer J (Personaly I liked the piazza navona draft the best)

DSCF3698-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/550sec.

One of the things I was most looking forward seing was the Trevi fountain. But unfortunately it was under renovation. (I think its under restauration for 18 months)

DSCF3845-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f8 , 1/60sec.

DSCF3673-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f1,4 , 1/4000sec.

Here is the Roman temple Phanteon, buildt in 126 B.C. Thinking of the manpower it had to take building this over 2000 years ago. Yet again the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” come to my mind.

DSCF3490-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f11 , 1/150sec.

DSCF3514-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/4000sec.

Here is the backside, showing the enormous dome.

DSCF3543-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 640, f8 , 1/125sec.

DSCF3500-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 320, f4,0 , 1/125sec.

DSCF3501-EditX-T1, 56mm, ISO 400, f1,2 , 1/800sec.

Piazza Navona is not a long walk from Phateon.

DSCF3523-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f8 , 1/150sec.

DSCF3534-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f8 , 1/150sec.

Drinking fountains is found all over Rome, and yes you can drink it! (Saves you some Euro’s from the local guy trying to sell water on every corner)

DSCF3541-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO3200, f8 , 1/105sec.

The Altar of the Fatherland or Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II is an impresive building.

DSCF3646-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f3,2 , 1/4000sec. (Don’t ask 🙂

Measuring 135 m (443 ft) wide and 70 m (230 ft) high. If the quadrigae and winged victories on top are included, the height is 81 m (266 ft). You must see it to gasp the enormous size of this building.

DSCF3649-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f11 , 1/400sec.

If you have never been to Italy before, you will be surprised how many variants of “police” they have. Polizia di Stato, Guardia di Finanza, Arma dei Carabinieri, Polizia Penitenziaria, Corpo Forestale dello Stato, Interforces, Provincial Police and Municipal Police (Probably there is even more ?)

DSCF4106-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f8,0 , 1/400sec.

DSCF4096-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f11, 1/480sec.

My last advice would be to only take official taxis. They are white, with a TAXI” sign on the roof and the Rome crest on the doors. Don’t say yes to any “special taxi offers” at the airport!

DSCF3812-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/4000sec.

My conclusion after using the XT-1 on holiday would be that my back and shoulder feels less sour. The handling of the camera is a joy as you probably read in my mini-review of the camera. The picture quality is in my opinion top notch.

The newly announced update to the XT-1, that fixes some  of my previously pointed out issues is also coming true. Did you read my blog Fujifilm? 🙂

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DSCF3485-Edit small

International Workers’ Day in Oslo, shot with the Fujinon 56mm f1.2

Finally got my back-ordered Fujinon 56mm f1.2 about a week ago. What a better way of testing this lens with some street portraits at the International Workers’ Day. I went f1,2 all day to see how the 56mm and XT-1 would hold up. Both with AF-C and AF-S depending on the circumstance. Compared to my DSLR and 85 f1,4 i think the success rate what quite high. I would guess 85% keepers. That’s not bad considering the small DOF (Depth Of Field) you get at f1,2. The image quality is also quite staggering wide open. The lens is Small considering it is a 85mm f1,2 equivalent on full frame. Focusing is fast, and reliable. My only thing to point out before you take this lens outdoors, is don’t activate the macro mode in your camera. My first test shots outdoors, trying to shoot at infinity, the camera would not lock on to anything. When in macro mode, this lens will only focus from 70 cm to 3 meters. When deactivating the macro mode the focus goes from 70 cm to infinity. Just a heads up if you encounter this problem. Please click on the pictures to view them in higher resolution (They deserve it to look their best)

DSCF1725-Edit smalThe front element is quite large because of it’s f1,2 aperture. But still the filter size is 62mm, like the 23 f1,4. The lens consist of 11 Lens elements in 8 groups (including 1 aspherical and 2 extra low dispersion elements)

_KKM0423-Edit smal I’m normally not that comfortable doing “up in your face” street photography. But at event’s like this i feel it’s more acceptable as it’s crowded, and the ones out demonstrating is more in a “look at me” mood 🙂

DSCF1895-Edit smal Selective focusing is what its al about whit this lens. The isolation on what you focus on is really good. And the out of focus rendering (bokeh) is really nice, even in harsh lighting like this.

DSCF1815-Edit smalDSCF1809-Edit smalNot many lenses can show off with a f1,2 aperture. The balance on a XT-1 is somewhat front heavy, but not so much it’s a problem. The 23 f1,4 is the perfect balance on the XT-1 in my opinion.

_KKM0428-Edit smalOn the International Workers’ Day (May 1.) you see all kind of people outside  in demonstrations to promote their opinion.

DSCF1870-Edit smal

DSCF1884-Edit smalManual focusing on the 56mm has a bit of a long throw from end to end in my opinion. But i have not had the time to fully explore this beast’s manual focusing abilities, so I’ll come back to it at a later stage. But I’m disappointed it doesn’t have the push/pull ring to shift from auto focus to manual focus like the 23 mm and 14 mm. That would have made this lens perfected.

_KKM0422-Edit smalDSCF1742-Edit smalDSCF1754-Edit smal

DSCF1737-Edit smalDSCF1771-Edit smalThe podium at “Youngstorget” in Oslo. Speeches are held here on Labor day/International Workers’ Day.

DSCF1888-Edit smal

DSCF1889-Edit smalDSCF1877-Edit smalHope you enjoyed, and feel free to share if you did! I Also have a new Facebook page for all my non automotive photography. Please hit the like button to keep up with everything new:


Tourist in my hometown – Oslo

One gets really blind of photo-opportunities in ones own city. But when you are a tourist in another city, you see everything in a different way. That’s why i decided to try and make a city walk in my hometown Oslo. Armed with my tourist eyes, i tried to shoot some of Oslo’s architecture from a tourist perspective 🙂 All images are clickable to see the larger versions. (All shot with a Fujifilm XT1 camera with a 23mm f1, 4 lens).

This statue is placed in Kvadraturen (The quadrature) near the Akershus fortress. The hand pointing illustrates the hand of King Christian IV, when he supposedly pointed at this spot and said “The new town will lie here!”. This was after the big fire in 1624. There are still several well preserved buildings in this area from the 17th century.

DSCF1112-Edit smal

Moving over to the main street (90% pedestrian walkway), we find Karl Jonahs gate. This street stretches from the main train station, and up to the Royal palace that you can spot in the end of the road. On the left is the side of the The parliament (Stortinget).

DSCF1185-Edit smalOne of the 2 lions guarding the entrance to The Parliament.

DSCF1180-Edit smalThe Parliament

DSCF1166-Edit smalIn the middle of Carl Johan Street we find Egertorget, easily recognizable by its  “Freia” commercial on the rooftop.

last blogMoving only one street east, we find Grensen, and in the end we can spot Oslo Cathedral (consecrated in 1697)

DSCF1187-Edit smal II

The cathedrals interior was put back to its original baroque stile in 1950. And the outside had a major renovation finished just some time ago. This was actually the first time i ever entered this church. Guess i had to enter my tourist mode first 😉

DSCF1092-Edit smal II

Oslo Cathedral is the main church for Oslo bishopric of the church of Norway. The Royal Family and the Norwegian Government use this church for public events. The large ceiling murals was painted by Hugo Lous Mohr between 1936 and 1950. The stained glas are made by Emanuel Vigeland.

DSCF1089-Edit II smal

The National theater (1899) with Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson standing proudly outside!DSCF1158-Edit smal

The University of Oslo, near the Royal Palace has just finished a big makeover of the facade.

DSCF1153-Edit smalThe new Opera in Oslo. With a price-tag of approximately 500.000.000 euro, this building is quite astonishing. Placed right besides the new Oslo “sky-line”, this area is going to be a nice place when they are finished building it (Now its only a big construction site)

DSCF1104-Edit warmer smalOslo stock exchange.

DSCF1106-Edit smal II

Finishing up with 2 shots from Aker brygge and Tjuvholmen. This dock area was originally a shipyard and had mechanical industry up to 1982, until they rebuild it to shopping mall’s and restaurants. The Tjuvholmen area has a lot of new apartments, and also hosts the Astrup fearnley museum.DSCF0740-Edit kkmsmal

DSCF0707-Edit kkm smalCheers!

Fujifilm X-T1…. Back to basics

After watching My D700 lying in my camera bag almost unused after purchasing the D800, I felt i could spend my money otherwise. The D700 had to go, as i really don’t need 2 pro cameras. I was after something useful for everyday shooting, holidays and portraits. Tired of lugging around heavy equipment, I was really excited when I heard rumors about the Nikon Df. Hoping for something small, retro and with a full frame sensor. But the camera was not what I hoped for. To “Big”, expensive, and not that intuitive in the control layout that I hoping for.

But then the Fujifilm X-T1 was released. Just what I was waiting for….. except the sensor size. Having stepped up from APS-C sized sensors some years ago, I was so thrilled I never thought I would look back again. Full frame sensors provide an exceptional picture quality at high ISO. But after much reading, and a small test run at a local Fuji dealer, it was clear that this camera could deliver very good picture quality. The JPEG’s from this camera is gorgeous straight out of the camera. The skin tones are exceptionally well. But then again, Fujifilm is known for their great colors in both traditional film and digital cameras. The X-T1 sensor measures 23.6 x 15.6 mm  (APS-C / 1.5 crop), and is the same size as most entry level dslr’s, up to enthusiast/pro cameras like the Nikon D300/Canon 7d. The X-T1 sensor is a X-Trans CMOS sensor that doesn’t use the conventional Bayer color filter (With it’s repeated RGB pattern). The X-Trans sensor have the RGB color filters spread out in a random manner. This eliminates the need for an anti-aliasing filter to reduce moire, that is used in most cameras that have the Bayer color filter (Some new cameras don’t have this, but it can lead to moire in repeated patterns). The X-Trans technology is claimed to produce excellent color rendering. The sensor resolution is 4896 x 3264 (16 megapixels), that is more than sufficient, unless you’re printing bigger than A2.

Being a Lightroom user, I was without a decent Raw converter for this camera until Adobe released the update to Lightroom April 7’th this year (Lightroom update to 5.4, which supports the X-T1) Many of the other Raw converter programs integrated the XT-1 compatibility very early on. So my experience so far is mostly based on JPEG’s and looking at RAW’s in the not so great Silkypix Raw converter that is bundled with the camera. Shooting with high color saturation  (Like the Velvia preset) can render color and/or texture a bit to “water colored” or “smoothed” for my taste. Especially in fine details like trees and grass this is visable. (But then again we are Pixel peeping at 100% 🙂 For optimal control, choose JPEG’s+RAW.


“Reflections” (slightly processed JPEG)

DSCF0713-Edit kkm smalMy header says back to basic. Well, the looks, and the basic usability are retro. The rest of the camera is high tech, and has some great functions. The retro part consists (Except the very retro look and feel) of manual adjustment wheels for ISO, Shutter speed, and exposure compensation. The “sub command dial” under the ISO button is for bracketing, continuous high, continuous low, single, double exposure, advanced and panorama. The “sub command dial” under the shutter speed dial is the metering options (Multi, Average and Spot). The probably most retro, and welcomed for “the old boys”, is the aperture adjustment ring on the Fujinon lenses. Works great, and is a big thumbs up from me 🙂

_KKM0389-Edit-2 smalBringing us to the high tech stuff on this camera, has to start with the viewfinder. It’s huge. Maybe not that huge as people hype all over the internet, but its bigger than the full frame cameras like Canon 1Dx (0,76x) with its 0,77x size. There are 3 options how the EVF (Electronic view finder) can display the image. Being a mirrorless camera, there is no optical view finder. The picture below is the full image. This looks great, but if you wear glasses, you can have some problems seeing the absolute edges. Then i recommend the “normal”, that is just a little smaller.A lot of information is at your disposal in the viewfinder. The great thing being a mirrorless camera, is that all your adjustments are instantly shown in the viewfinder. This is a great way to check you exposure, and is a great way if you are trying to experiment or be creative with your exposures. DOF is diplayed as in the final image when you half press the shutter. The shooting info also rotates in the viewfinder when turning the camera in portrait orientation, that’s a great feature.full viewIf you switch to manual focus, there is the option to use “dual mode”. Here you see an enlarged portion of the area where the focus point is. You can then also select focus peaking or digital split image to further help you focus. This works great when manually focusing. (Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures thru the viewfinder 🙂 )

ok dual fra iphone ok cs5

triangle” (slightly processed JPEG)

DSCF0707-Edit kkm smalThe back of the camera is quite basic. The focus assist button, gives you a 100% crop when in shooting mode (Great for checking focus). In playback mode, it zooms in 100% to where the focus point was when taking the picture. The “Q” button takes you to the quick menu, where you find the most used settings. Unfortunately, its not customizable to your own favorites. (Did i hear a software change Fuji?) (*Changed in firmware 3.0)

_KKM0415-Edit-2 smalJPEG, Fuji Velvia preset, slightly processed.

DSCF0740-Edit kkmsmalThere is a great App for your phone or tablet. (iOs and Android). There is built inn WiFi in the camera. This lets you transfer your images real easy and quick (3 megapixel, or full resolution based on your in menu settings), or shoot with it as a remote. The remote function lets you adjust the most settings like exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, macro, film simulation, self timer, switch to video, and also a great feature tap in the picture where to focus. There is also the possibility to use the phones GPS to Geotag you shots.

Screen III doubleHere is a quick snapshot, transferred to my iPhone over the App, slapped on a cheesy filter in the phone, and its ready to go on Facebook or wherever.

EThe 23 mm f1,4 lens is a very versatile lens (equivalent to a 35mm lens on full frame ). Can’t figure out why i newer bought one before (Only having 24, 50, 85 and 200mm primes to my Nikon system)

_KKM0411-Edit smalThe push-pull focus ring works great from my point of view. The lens is also crazy sharp wide open. And It also looks and feels great on the X-T1. It’s my only lens so far to this system (Still waiting for my back-ordered 56 f1,2) Still in doubt if I’m to go the 14, 23 and 56 prime route, or the 23, 56 and 16-55 f2,8 when its launched.  I passed on the 18-55 kit, as i hate variable apertures (f2,8 to f4). But still its a great kit lens from what i hear.

The 35mm equivalent field of view is relay versatile

DSCF0680-Editkkm smalNikon D800 (With 24 f1,4) and Fujifilm X-T1 (With 23 f1,4) There is a huge difference carrying these cameras around. The bulk and weight of the D800 is quite different. But still, my D800 will be my go-to camera for motorsports and “serious” shoots.

_DSC2203-Edit smal

_DSC2179-Edit smalThe new Lightroom 5.4 also have the possibility to choose the Fujifilm film presets in the camera calibration menu.

screendump lightroom

There are 6 customizable buttons. But as the focus point selection in the D-pad doesn’t let you change the focus point directly, i have set the 4 to directly change the focus point. You could set one of them to activate the focus point selection, but then you have to press one specific button, and then use the D-pad to get to the direction you want to move the focus point. Not that intuitive, and i don’t like working that way. (*Changed in firmware 3.0) That only leaves me with 2 more customizable buttons. The one on top i left for the WiFi, and the one in front i use to go directly to the auto-ISO adjustments. The D-pad (4 way control button on the back) is recessed quite a bit, so it is not so easy to find and use. This has been mentioned all over the internet. Maybe its designed this way so you wont press it accidentally when having the camera hanging by the camera strap. But i am getting more and more used to this.

custom copyRegarding the auto focus, remember to set “High performance” to ON in the power management menu. Otherwise the auto focus will not be as responsive as it could. Be aware that the smaller you make the focus points, the more it will hunt if low light or low contrast. But overall I’m very pleased with the auto focus on this camera. It even has continues focus in the center points (AF-C).

_KKM0390-Edit smal

Remember to buy an extra battery, as the estimated battery life is only 350 shots. But this is quite normal for small cameras (Small camera, small battery’s, limited battery life)

JPEG Straight out of camera (Only resized)

DSCF0970-Edit smal

The controls are very intuitive. If you are an experienced photographer, the dials and knobs will be easy understandable right away. There are auto options also. Put the ISO, shutter speed and aperture to “A” and you have “P” mode. The camera finds an appropriate shutter speed, aperture and ISO for the “correct” exposure. Put the shutter speed dial to A, and you have “A” mode. Put the aperture to A and you have S mode. Or use M mode, and select your own settings. This camera screams for manual M mode 😉

(slightly processed JPEG)

DSCF0951 smal

f1,4, 1/125 sec, ISO 1000, RAW (RAF) edit in Lightroom 5.4 and Photoshop

DSCF1017-Edit smal

i Could go on writing about this camera for ages. But my general feeling is, that its so light and small (compared to what I’m used to) that i want to bring it everywhere. The feel, and the functions is really encouraging.  The X-T1 drive me to go out shooting again. My DSLR kit have become so big that i rarely bring it to the streets or everyday life anymore. The small size make this camera less obstructive when using it at general street photography. The XT-1 really brings back the joy off photography again!

Click picture for full resolution. JPEG from camera, Provia color profile, sharpen +1, NR-2, straightened in Photoshop. No other adjustments. F2,8, ISO 1600 1/80 second exposure, handheld.

DSCF1044 original size

My summary of good things:

  • Great look and retro feel
  • Good picture quality for an APS-C based camera
  • Easy to check you basic settings at a glance on the camera
  • Fujinon lenses have great quality, and the X-lens lineup is growing fast
  • Light and good handling even though the small size and grip
  • Focus points spread out in almost the whole picture area (Compared to Dslr’s this is a big thumbs up)
  • Weather sealed (Only camera, weather sealed lenses are coming)
  • Tilting LCD
  • Great EVF (Minimal lag, size, view modes etc)
  • Great color rendering, and super nice skin tones
  • Auto white balance is good
  • WiFi
  • Shutter sound!

My summary of not so good things:

  • D-pad feel and feedback isn’t that great compared to other cameras i have owned.
  • Only one memory card slot
  • Water colored look in fine textures , especial at high saturation (Pixel peeping)
  • No RAW at ISO over 6400 or under 200 (Only JPEG)
  • Limited manual options in video mode*
  • No button illumination when used in dark areas (Few cameras have)
  • Auto ISO should be able to set in 1/3 step ISO values (not only 1600-3200-6400 etc.)

RAW edit in Lightroom and Photoshop

DSCF1187-Edit smal DSCF1182-Edit smal

DSCF0978-Edit smalFrom RAW, processed in Lightroom and Photoshop (ISO 320, f1,4, 1/100 second)

DSCF0921-Edit smal

This was not meant as a review (Even though if it became rather comprehensive) , and are only my personal comments regarding this camera. Please feel free to ask questions, or add your comment if something is way off accuracy.

Hope you enjoyed, and feel free to use the share button if you did 🙂


Update:* Fuji made a lot of changes and added features in the 3.0 firmware update. Check it out here:

Prague, Czech Republic

Newer got around to posting these shots. But better late than newer 🙂

I spent Easter 2012 in Prague, The Capital of the Czech Republic. What an amazing city, and so much greatly preserved old architecture over a vast area of the city. The atmosphere both day and night is awesome. This is the place to bring your girlfriend/boyfriend! 😉

We stayed one week at the Hotel Metamorphis, just a couple of blocks behind the old town square, with overview of the “backside” of the Church of Our Lady before Týn (14th century)

This is the Church of Our Lady before Týn seen from the old town square

_DSC9568-Edit smalThe old town square has heavy crowds of tourists, and a lot of things going on. But keep your valuables out of reach for the many pickpockets that’s around.

_DSC9529-Edit smalThe Prague astronomical clock is the big tourist magnet on the old town square. Every hour its a “show” when the clock goes of.

_DSC9531-Edit smalThe Czech Republic is also known for its great brewery.  And this green Easter edition of the Krušovice beer was real nice 😉

_DSC0057-Edit smalThe most iconic and known place of Prague is most likely Charles Bridge. It’s construction was started in 1357, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century.

_DSC9707 smalIt’s many statues on the bridge is each and one a piece of art.

_DSC9523-Edit smalHere is one of the towers at the start of the bridge (Old Town Bridge Tower)

_DSC9518-Edit smalThe view from the Old Town Bridge Tower

_DSC9906-Edit smalOn top of the other side of the Charles bridge is the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral.

_DSC9847-Edit smal_DSC9940-Edit smalOn the way up to Prague Castle

_DSC9473-Edit smal_DSC9507-Edit smalPrague is also known for its Marionette Puppets

_DSC9438-Edit smalPilsner Urquell is one of my favorite Czech beers. But be aware of the prices for food an beverage because it’s 5 times more expensive in the pupular places like the old town square. Just move a couple of blocks and you can see the prices drop drasticaly.

_DSC0091-Edit smalHorse and carriage is also a way of getting around town 🙂

_DSC0088-Edit smalOr canal boat

_DSC9962-Edit samlThe Dancing House

_DSC9740-Edit smalpanorama of Charles bridge

Untitled_Panorama1 merged smal_DSC9512-Edit smal

Thanks for looking, and finishing up with a shot of the Kampa Park restaurant by the water, and the  Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral beautify lit up at night.

_DSC9836-Edit smal

New York part II (B&W)

Well it’s been some time since my last post, but here are some more shots from New York.
This time only in black & white, apposed to last time where it was all colors. This city is so colorful in every way, but i felt these shots was more suited in black and white. You can check out travel tips and my thoughts about New York in my first post here:

I felt these shots didn’t need any explanations or comments, as they work best if you make up your own mind about what you see. Please feel free to comment or ask questions below. Hope you enjoy, and please share with other New York fans or photography friends 🙂

_DSC7019-Edit bw smal_DSC6588-Edit bw smal_DSC6915-Edit bw smal#Read the poster on the wall^

_DSC7013-Edit bw smal

_DSC6901-Edit bw smal_DSC6609-Edit bw smal_DSC5867-Edit bw smal_DSC5907-Edit bw smal#Firetruck

_DSC6879-Edit bw smal_DSC6524-Edit NYC_DSC5871-Edit bw smal_DSC6450-Edit bw smal_DSC6585-Edit bw smal_DSC6540-Edit bw smal_DSC6700-Edit bw smal_DSC6821-Edit bw smal_DSC6448-Edit bw smal_DSC6480-Edit bw smalHappy new year!