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The Carburetors @ John Dee 19.12.2014

Ain’t no better way to get in the proper Christmas mood than some Fast forward Rock’n roll.
December 19, The Carburetors performed their annual ”Christmas show” at John Dee.
_KKM4832-Edit small

Starting off with the curtains pulled together with Jussi Bjørling singing “o helga natt” (O Holy Night), sets the mood before they start their well known intro with V8’s roaring, making your eardrums allmost burst!

_KKM4700-Edit small

Packed with a 24-70 and a 200mm prime lens, I was there to shoot the show. But this time it was quite a challenge. There were a lot of people ready for getting in the Christmas mood, and the place was packed almost full. Of course great for the guys on stage, but a pain in the ass for me. John Dee being a fairly small venue, there aren’t any dedicated photo pits. Getting any clear view without arms and heads in the frame is challenging. In some shots it ads to the mood, but not in every shot.

_KKM4902-Edit small

But despite the crowd, I feel I got a fair amount of decent shots. Especially when the lighting tech people were on my side, spreading some awesome light! (Thanks!)

_KKM4992-Edit-2 small

Kai Kidd had some great lights on him in several occasions, making him one of my favorite objects this evening. Of course his expressions and presence on stage makes him very photogenic. He always goes that extra mile pleasing the audience.

_KKM4715-Edit small

Eddie Guz is of course also a real crowd pleaser. His voice is a big part of The Carburetors distinctive sound.

_KKM4768-Edit smallStian Krogh

_KKM4876-Edit smallKing O’Men

_KKM5075-Edit small

You definitely need to know the “Rock on” sign when you’re at a Carburetors concert!

_KKM4869-Edit-2 smallLove the colors and contrast in this shot of Kai Kidd

_KKM4859-Edit small

_KKM5064-Edit small

_KKM4981-Edit small

_KKM4821-Edit small

The limited access I had too moving freely around, made it hard getting any shots of Chris Nitro. But here is on of the few I managed to get.

_KKM4945-Edit small

_KKM5061-Edit small

_KKM4922-Edit small

_KKM4948-Edit small

Atle Steigedal joining Kai Kidd on stage for a one song jam.

_KKM4951-Edit small


_KKM5065-Edit small

_KKM4925-Edit small

_KKM4855-Edit small

_KKM5175-Edit small

Never a real Carburetors concert without Kai smashing his guitar!

_KKM5238-Edit small

Next time I’m shooting a concert, I really need a venue with a decent photo pit 🙂

_KKM5032-Edit small

My last picture, and actually also my favorite picture from this show. Love the dim light and the atmosphere.

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Rome, shot with the Fujifilm X-T1

The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” have a much stronger meaning after visiting in August 2014. The sight of the city, the buildings and the incredible decorations and carvings are just outstanding. No wonder why this city is on top of many people’s travel list.

DSCF4023-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f8,0 , 1/800sec. (XT-1 Built inn panoramic function)

Before i bought the Fujifilm X-T1, I always brought my heavy DSLR with a bunch of lenses when traveling. But for this trip i choose to bring only my Fujifilm X-T1 with 3 prime lenses. The Fujinon XF14mm F2.8 R, Fujinon XF23mm F1.4 R and the Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R. These lenses have a full frame equivalent focal length of 21, 35 and 85 mm.

DSCF3485-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 640, f9, 1/125sec.

I was still in doubt how I would cope without any zoom lens. My D800 with the 24-70 2.8 have been my workhorse combo on trips before (E.G New York) But aside from a couple of occasions changing back and forth betwheen lenses, my 23mm f.1,4 was the most used lens. The 35mm equivalent focal length is so versatile. In the following, I’ll try to give some tips and experiences from my trip. I have also attached the shooting data (Exif) to all the shots. All shots have been edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. If you haven’t read my mini-review of the X-T1 yet, you can check it out here:

Remember that you can click on the pictures to watch them in higher resolution!

DSCF3658-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 100, f11 , 1/125sec.

The city of Rome has so many sights what are worth seeing. But don’t forget to step inside if you see a random church on the street. Like this church on Via Del Corso. The outside looks fairly modest from the outside, but inside it’s size and decorations is breathtaking.

DSCF3639-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 3200, f2,8 , 1/105sec.

DSCF3638-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 1000, f1,2 , 1/125sec.

We stayed at the Trevi Collection Hotel (Via Gregoriana 56), and I can highly recommend it. Located one block away from the Spanish steps, you have a great starting point seeing the city. Even great for a short pit stop at the Hotel during the day. As I stayed in August it was pretty hot. If you can come another time of the year, I recommend it. If there is no wind, 30C° and above is hot when you are not at the beach. The locals also have holydays in August, so be aware that some of the smaller local shops is closed.

DSCF3551-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 320, f11 , 1/125sec.

Unfortunately the fountain by the Spanish steps (Above) was under restoration. This picture is taken from the Spanish steps, looking down Via Condotti. The Via Condotti is where the high end (Read expensive) shops are located.

DSCF4117-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 400, f5,6 , 1/125sec.

Here is a shot from Via Condotti, looking up to the Spanish Steps.

DSCF4114-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 640, f11 , 1/125sec.

Other streets where shopping is in the focus is, Via Frattina, Via del Corso, Via Nazionale and on the other side of Tiber River (The big river running thru Rome, Called Tevere in Italian) is Via Cola di Rienzo. This street runs all the way up to the Vatican state.

DSCF3671-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1250, f1,6 , 1/125sec.

At the Vatican, i skipped entering Saint Peter Church. The lines was running all the way from the front door and in a half circle around the St. Peter’s Square. You can off course pay up and go with a guided tour, and then you can enter without waiting in the long line.

DSCF3571-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 400, f11, 1/125sec.

DSCF3572-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 250, f11, 1/125sec.

DSCF3568-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1600, f1,4 , 1/125sec.

But I went to the Vatican museum instead. I had online tickets bought ahead of going to Rome. And I’m glad i did. The line was ”miles long”. But with an online ticket, you have your own line, and I was inside in no more than 2 minutes 🙂

DSCF3711-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f11 , 1/350sec.

The Vatican museum consists of to many things to list. But it contains an immense collection built up by the Roman Catholic Church. There are 54 galleries, and you also go thru the Sistine Chapel when taking the recommended route. The Sistine Chapel has its ceiling decorated by Michelangelo. I have no photos from it unfortunately, because it’s the only place where it’s not allowed to take photos. Remember to cover your knees and shoulders, or you won’t be allowed in the Sistine Chapel.

DSCF3709-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 800, f1,4 , 1/60sec.

DSCF3723-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1000, f4,0 , 1/80sec.

DSCF3710-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1250, f1,4 , 1/60sec.

DSCF3744-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 3200, f2,8 , 1/75sec.

You also get a great view of the city from the Vatican Museum

DSCF3716-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f11 , 1/420sec.

The most photographed object in the Vatican museum has to be the Spiral stairs (Designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932)

DSCF3786-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 1600, f5,0 , 1/125sec.

Here is a more unusual view from the bottom and up.

DSCF3794-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f4,5 , 1/480sec.

One of the most known places in Rome has to be the Colosseum.

DSCF4070-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f6,4 , 1/450sec. (XT-1 Built inn panoramic function)

Built in 70–80 B.C, it’s quite astonishing that there is still something left of this monster amphitheatre. It is estimated that it could hold as many as 50-80.000 people. The genius layout of sectors, levels and stairs meant that the Colosseum could be emptied with people in a couple of minutes. The construction is so effective that it is still used today with little change (see for instance football stadiums is structured in the same way as the Colusseum)

DSCF4015-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO200, f8 , 1/320sec.

Eating in Rome is of course high on the list. But to distinguish the real good Italian restaurants from the tourist traps can be difficult (Use Tripadviser). One advice, especially good on pizza/lunch is Osteria della Vite (Via della Vite 96-97).

DSCF4127-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, 1,4 , 1/150sec.

Another place I recommend is Sofie Ristorante (Via di Capo Le Case 51). It’s not only traditional Italian food served there. But stil highly recommended.

DSCF3871-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/150sec. (Not from Sofie Ristorante)

Restaurant Antonio al Pantheon had good recommendations in Trivadviser, but I was honestly a bit disappointed.

DSCF3486-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 2000, f2,8 , 1/125sec.

And don’t leave Rome without eating Gelato! (Italian style icecream)

DSCF3624-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/3200sec.

The Italians are also known for good beer J (Personaly I liked the piazza navona draft the best)

DSCF3698-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/550sec.

One of the things I was most looking forward seing was the Trevi fountain. But unfortunately it was under renovation. (I think its under restauration for 18 months)

DSCF3845-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f8 , 1/60sec.

DSCF3673-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f1,4 , 1/4000sec.

Here is the Roman temple Phanteon, buildt in 126 B.C. Thinking of the manpower it had to take building this over 2000 years ago. Yet again the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” come to my mind.

DSCF3490-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f11 , 1/150sec.

DSCF3514-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/4000sec.

Here is the backside, showing the enormous dome.

DSCF3543-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 640, f8 , 1/125sec.

DSCF3500-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 320, f4,0 , 1/125sec.

DSCF3501-EditX-T1, 56mm, ISO 400, f1,2 , 1/800sec.

Piazza Navona is not a long walk from Phateon.

DSCF3523-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f8 , 1/150sec.

DSCF3534-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f8 , 1/150sec.

Drinking fountains is found all over Rome, and yes you can drink it! (Saves you some Euro’s from the local guy trying to sell water on every corner)

DSCF3541-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO3200, f8 , 1/105sec.

The Altar of the Fatherland or Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II is an impresive building.

DSCF3646-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f3,2 , 1/4000sec. (Don’t ask 🙂

Measuring 135 m (443 ft) wide and 70 m (230 ft) high. If the quadrigae and winged victories on top are included, the height is 81 m (266 ft). You must see it to gasp the enormous size of this building.

DSCF3649-Edit smallX-T1, 23mm, ISO 200, f11 , 1/400sec.

If you have never been to Italy before, you will be surprised how many variants of “police” they have. Polizia di Stato, Guardia di Finanza, Arma dei Carabinieri, Polizia Penitenziaria, Corpo Forestale dello Stato, Interforces, Provincial Police and Municipal Police (Probably there is even more ?)

DSCF4106-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f8,0 , 1/400sec.

DSCF4096-Edit smallX-T1, 14mm, ISO 200, f11, 1/480sec.

My last advice would be to only take official taxis. They are white, with a TAXI” sign on the roof and the Rome crest on the doors. Don’t say yes to any “special taxi offers” at the airport!

DSCF3812-Edit smallX-T1, 56mm, ISO 200, f1,2 , 1/4000sec.

My conclusion after using the XT-1 on holiday would be that my back and shoulder feels less sour. The handling of the camera is a joy as you probably read in my mini-review of the camera. The picture quality is in my opinion top notch.

The newly announced update to the XT-1, that fixes some  of my previously pointed out issues is also coming true. Did you read my blog Fujifilm? 🙂

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DSCF3485-Edit small

Gatebil main event 2014

DSCF3387-Edit small

Gatebil’s main event. The saga continues at it’s twentyfirst year, an event that has become on of the hotest international car festivals  on this side of the galaxy. Few other places has so many stars, crazy builds, and late night partying. This motor fest continues to attract major international stars of all varieties. This year, one of the coolest surprises (For me) was this chap.

_KKM3384-Edit small

And no, he ain’t a big shot driver. It’s Bil Baldwin, also known as the bearded man of drifting. He was constantly around spreading joy, and bringing a smile on everyone’s face J. And when performing his checkered flag waving, he does it like no one else. Bil had taken the long trip from the vest coast, where he normally attends at the Long Beach Formula DRIFT events etc.

_KKM2693-Edit small

Big names like Vaughn Gittin Jr.and our own Fredrik Aasbø attended this year also, obviously bringing more spectators. Porsche legend Magnus Walker also went across the pond, to see what all the fuzz was about. If you don’t know Magnus, you should start out by watching this video And when speaking of Porsche’s, this is one personal favorite from this event.

_KKM4570-Edit small

This vehicle is built by Swedish Elite Projects. It’s a 1,100kg, Porsche 918 inspired build, based on a Cayman, fitted with a 996 Turbo engine. Looks awesome if you ask me!

_KKM3030-Edit small

Another guy who had a fair bit of traveling was Andy Grady from Scotland. His Subaru looks splendid 🙂

_KKM3005-Edit small

As you can see from the first picture in this post, Rudskogen raceway finally got the bridge to the inner track ready. This means the spectators can come across on the “island” in the center of the track. This is a 110% improvement, as you now can see a much bigger potion of the track. Thumps up on that one. Looks like the spectators had a great time in the sun!

_KKM2694-Edit small

But unfortunately this year’s main event wasn’t all sunshine. On the last day, Sunday, there was a big crash. I won’t comment any further on this case, but you can read about it on the official Gatebil webpage. Our thoughts go to the friends and families of those injured. Let us pray that everything turns out well. After the big crash the rest of the event was called off. This means that Taavi Toomara took First place in the Gatebil World Powerslide Championship 2014 (Based on the qualifying results).

DSCF3383-Edit smal

Did I mention that his BMW 2002 looks even better this year than last?

_KKM3214-Edit small

_KKM2690-Edit small

One thing I didn’t expect when turning around after hearing a big V8 roaring behind me, wasn’t this Mazda Miata. Fitted with a turbocharged V8, the Danish ”Drift team Overboost” was showing some proper skills whipping around the track in this small ”hairdressers” monster.

_KKM1794-Edit smal

And Gatebil isn’t really Gatebil without Fredrik Sørlie. He was showing some amazing driving skills doing backward entries in to the sharp left turn after the main straight, doing 100 mph. That’s some great skills right there, in a ”stock 2JZ” Cressida.

_KKM2676-Edit small

The pit area is packed with incredible builds. Turbocharged BMW V8 in a Volvo Amazon anyone?

DSCF3369-Edit small

And classics like this M3.

DSCF3370-Edit small

The Speedhunters team was busy replacing the straight six 2JZ engine in this Lancia Delta (”LaSupra”)

_KKM4548-Edit small

Vaughn Gittin Jr.

_KKM3467-Edit small

_KKM3338-Edit small

_KKM3185-Edit small

_KKM2587-Edit small

Movie bird Norway made some awesome video captures this weekend. And they didn’t let Vaughn Gittin Jr. Get away without some great slow motion on “tape”!

_KKM4514-Edit small

When speaking about builds out of the ordinary. We have to bring up this Toyota Starlet.

_KKM4529-Edit small

The build isn’t finished yet. But when placing one turbo engine in front, and then one in the rear of this little car, you are bound to get in trouble. That is if you’re not up to the task of handling this little monster. The driver of this car obviously didn’t have any problems handling it, as he was 4 wheel power sliding around every corner!

_KKM2184-Edit small

_KKM2190-Edit small

Vidar Jødahl high speed drifting ”Angsten”

_KKM4377-Edit small

What’s not to like in the body lines of this old Z model Datsun

_KKM2985-Editsmall jpg

Drivers are constantly encouraged by the fans to run the wall. And quite a few bumpers and rear wings have gone to waste in that process.

_KKM3673-Edit small

Fail Crew from Russia are becoming regular guests at the main Gatebil event.

_KKM3627-Edit-2 small

_KKM2739-Edit small

Tor-Andres Ringnes was having some engine trouble this weekend, but when everything was working good, he was rocking big time!

_KKM3688-Edit small

_KKM3614-Edit small

Now if, just going to leave you with the rest of the shots to enjoy!

DSCF3253-Edit small

_KKM2358-Edit small

_KKM3277-Edit small

_KKM1878-Edit logo small

_KKM3563-Edit small

_KKM3726-Edit small

_KKM4090-Edit small

_KKM4484-Edit small

_KKM3011-Edit small

_KKM4582-Edit small

_KKM2817-Edit small

_KKM4423-Edit small

_KKM2198-Edit small

_KKM1945-Edit small

_KKM2168-Edit smal

_KKM3279-Edit small

_KKM4409-Edit small

_KKM1661-Edit small

_KKM1723-Edit small

_KKM4471-Edit small

_KKM4574-Edit small

_KKM2037-Edit smal

_KKM1909-Edit small

_KKM3088-Edit small

_KKM1672-Edit small

_KKM1921-Edit small

_KKM2030-Edit xsmall

DSCF3373-Edit-2 small

DSCF3380-Edit small

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Kill City Bandits at John Dee, May 16.

As i promised in my previous post from the carburetors concert, here are the shots from  Kill City Bandits at  John Dee!  The Kill City bandits had the opening act for The Carburetors, and they did an awesome job getting the crowd all pumped up and ready. Kill City Bandits is an up and coming band, highly praised by for instance Metal Hammer Norway. The band consists of  Paul Erik Vercouteren (Drums) , Freddie Brox (guitar), Ulrik Danneborg (Vocal), Biggs Furulund (guitar) and Jens Nero Nielsen (Bass).

Please click on the images to see them in higher resolution (recommended) 


The lighting was really dim, and i had to push my ISO and shutter speed up to the limit of my comfort zone. But the contrasty and colorful lighting makes the shots “pop” allot more.


What kind band is this, and what kind of music do they play? I’ll just quote Jens Nero from their official website 😉 

KILL CITY BANDITS is the rock n’ roll alternative to boring indie-rock bands, ugly looking metal bands and transparent Idol-plastic artists. Born on the streets of Oslo the five piece formed Kill City Bandits on the assumption that the world is in dire need of heroes. Not the clean-cut, glossy paper kind of mass consumption type of heroes – Kill City Bandits‘ heroes are dead serious, real and somewhat erratic. This approach to life shines through their creativity both in songs and live shows. But it also sets the context for more aspects of KCB, taking the rock and roll lifestyle back to it’s basics while facing the future with all guns blazing.  “-This is greater than all of us. Like an occult hex, KCB controls us more than we control it. It’s the best curse one could ever have!” says Jens Nero, founding member and bassplayer“.



Jens Nero Nielsen (Bass)


Biggs Furulund (guitar)


Freddie Brox (guitar)


Ulrik Danneborg (Vocal)



Paul Erik Vercouteren (Drums)


_KKM0554-Edit 1100 smal







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The Carburetors @ John Dee, 16 May 2014

_KKM0664-Edit smal

I’ve been wanting to shoot a concert for a long time, and when the possibility opened up to shoot The Carburetors, there wasn’t any doubt in my mind. Yes, hell yes, i want to shoot The Carburetors;)

They are known for there great stage performance, and going “all the way” no matter how Small or big the venue is. This time they were playing on John Dee, as they have done annually on May 16 for the last 10 years. (The night before the Norwegian national day).
Packed with to much gear, i headed to John Dee to see what all the fuzz was about!

Please click on the images to see them in higher resolution (recommended)

_KKM0686-Edit 1000 smalEddie Guz – lead vocals

It was also ten years since the release of the band’s debut album, Pain Is Temporary, Glory Is Forever“, so it was kind off a double anniversary. The band played the whole album, as well as some other songs like “Don’t Touch the Flame”.

_KKM0820-Edit 1100 smalKing O’Men – bass

Oh my, do these guys put on a show. This is what you get when you mix Rock ‘n’ roll and metal. Beer flowing in all directions (meaning from stage and to the audience,and vice versa), smashing of guitars, and just a presence on stage like very few other bands!

_KKM0889-Edit 1100 smalKai Kidd – guitar

The band is working on a new album which we all are anxiously waiting for.

_KKM0832-Edit 1000 smalStian Krogh – lead guitar

I was a bit worried before I arrived, regarding what the stage lighting would be like. This is one of the most important thing when photographing in these circumstances. Would it at all be possible to get fast enough shutter speeds to get sharp shots? These guys don’t stand still for long, and shutter speeds like 1/60 second isn’t gonna cut it here (As long as you are not looking to create motion blur as an artistic effect)

_KKM1126-Edit 1100 smalThe Kill City Bandits had the the opening act (Some shots of them coming in a blog post at a later time). And as i was shooting them, the lighting was really dim. I had to bump my ISO to about 6400 and higher to get any decent shutter speeds. But the lighting tech guys (girls?) had done an awesome job preparing some really fantastic light when The Carburetors entered the stage. I could shoot at ISO 1250-2000 at f2,8 to f3,5, and have shutter speeds in the 1/200 to 1/640 range.

_KKM0700-Edit 1100 smal

One important thing when shooting concert photos is not to forget the drummer. Hidden away all the way in the back, doing some of the hardest work is Chris Nitro. I had a really hard time getting some shots of him. The lighting was really dim, he was constantly moving, the light was coming straight in to my lens, and the other band members are constantly passing my view. But finally i got some shots. I like this, as you can see the drums mirroring in this shades.

_KKM0935-Edit 1100 smalChris Nitro and King O’Men hitting it hard!

_KKM0996-Edit 1100 smal

Stian Krogh, Rock on!

_KKM1234-Edit 1000 smal

backup singer Monica Rennan Hjelle made sure the testosterone level was cooled down a bit.

_KKM1325-Edit 1000 smal_KKM1389-Edit 1100 smal_KKM0777-Edit 1000 smalThe pit was almost non existence at John Dee. So there was no reserved space for us photographers right by the stage. I really wanted some wide, up close shots of Eddie. But i didn’t want to crash into the crowd up front, who after all paid a ticket and are the ones the show is for.

_KKM1257-Edit 1100 smal

Kai Kidd gets thirsty after getting the crowd wet with his beer spray.

_KKM0924-Edit1100 smal_KKM0778-Edit 1000 smal_KKM0860-Edit 1100 smal_KKM0795-Edit 1100 smal
_KKM0776-Edit 1000 smal
_KKM1514-Edit 1400 smal_KKM0692-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1253-Edit1100 smal_KKM0847-Edit 1000 smal_KKM0730-Edit 1000 smal_KKM0783-Edit 1000 smal

_KKM1218-Edit 1000 smalOk, enough of the color shots. Rock ‘n’ roll photography should also be done in Black & White!

_KKM1169-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1025-Edit 1100 smal

_KKM1036-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1091-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1058-Edit 1100 smal

_KKM0856-Edit 1100 smal_KKM1059-Edit 1100 smal

To be my first time ever shooting a concert, I’m pretty happy with the result. This is definitely something I‘d love to do again if the opportunity presents itself. Feel you free to share this article, and Please go and hit the like button on my new Facebook page to keep up with everything new!

Rock on!

here's a small teaser


New York, New York

New york, the big apple… A quick wright up from a one week vacation i had there in August. This city is so awesome! I have already started calculating how many organs i can live without, and still be able to go here one more time ( Anyone who needs a kidney or an arm?) 😉

First up,when traveling from Norway, you really need to keep your eyes out the window when passing Greenland. There is just so many scenic views there. Glaciers, drift ice and fantastic enormous mountains. Didn’t take any great shots of it unfortunately, so i just leave you with this snapshot. And have you ever wondered why they don’t fly “in a straight line”  When flying from Oslo to New York? It seems unnecessary to fly over Greenland ? Well, the earth is round, not flat 😉 Check out this link (in Norwegian)

_DSC5749-Edit smalWe stayed at the Hilton Times Square, and i can highly recommend this hotel. Located in 42’n street, you are close to all the action, and a great starting point to most of the sights in New York.

_DSC6428-Edit smalAnd the view from our room on 35’th floor was quite breathtaking!

hilton viewThis city has all you could ever imagine, and then some. Walking around in New York is like being on a big film set.

_DSC6838-Edit smal

Besides just wondering around soaking in the big city life, there are the “must see” sights. Lets start of with Rockefeller center. On the GE building is the Rockefeller center observation deck. 70 floors high, 3 viewing decks, and a 360º city view.

_DSC6691-Edit smalI chose this over the Empire state building, mainly because of the big lines at Empire (Several hours from what i heard). But also because the great view you get over Central park, that you don’t see from the Empire state building.

_DSC6659-Edit smalAnd from Rockefeller center you also get to see the Empire state building, witch you don’t from the Empire state building 🙂 Behind you also see the One World trade center (Freedom Tower), and the statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. (Click to view larger)

_DSC6692-Edit smalSome blocks north of Rockefeller center is Central park. A great place to unwind from the busy city life, and watch the squirrels (there’s a lot of them there ;))

_DSC6723-Edit smalOne great experience is to get on the water and see the city skyline, bridges, statue of liberty etc. You can use the free Staten Island Ferry (Info:, or do what i did. I chose the Harbor lights cruise from Circle line. Just go all the way west on 42’nd street, and you arrive at Pier 54. The Harbor lights cruise starts at 19.00, and ends approximately 21.00. You then get to see the skyline, bridges, statue of liberty etc when the sun sets (Recommended tour!)

lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge illuminated by the setting sun

_DSC6045-Edit smalBrooklyn Bridge (Completed in 1883), and lower Manhattan, often referred to as “downtown”.

_DSC6261-Edit smalSunset under Manhattan Bridge. Shot from East river, facing Manhattan. The highest building is the One World Trade Center.

_DSC6121-Edit Manhattan BridgeDomino Sugar factory on the banks of Williamsburg (East river). Loving these old abandoned buildings. They are so photogenic!  This building was actually the largest sugar refinery in the world at one time. employed over 4,000 workers and processed 3 million pounds of sugar a day. In 2004, after nearly 150 years of service, the factory shut down due to a steady decline in demand.

_DSC6156-Edit smalGreat colors when the sun setts over Long Island city!

_DSC6184-Edit smalThe blue hour!
Shot from Hudson river, facing Battery Park City, and One World Trade Center.

_DSC6366-Edit smalStatue of Liberty. This was actual a (small) disappointment, compared to how big everything else in New York is. I had a vision that this statue was extremely large, and its “just” 305 feet (92meter) total.

_DSC6013-Edit smalDowntown skyline panorama.

_DSC6350-Edit smalAnd then to something completely different. Eating and drinking! I can recommend 4 places from my experience. Johns pizzeria (260 W. 44th Street) is hard to spot, and doesn’t look that special. But when entering, its lots of activity and people. Some waiting time (As almost anywhere that’s popular), but they have a bar you can wait in. Great pizza! Then its the Olive garden smack right in the middle of Times Square, and the Red lobster at 7’th avenue, between 41’th and 42’nd street.  But the restaurant you definitely have to visit in New York, is TAO restaurant at 42 East 58th Street. The visit to TAO was alone worth the trip to New York. The food, the atmosphere, the service etc was top notch. Probably my best restaurant experience ever! Don’t miss TAO if you go to New York!

260 W. 44th Street New York, NY

_DSC5861-Edit smalI was afraid that I had to be without my favorite beer, wheat beer (preferably German) the hole trip to New York. But i discovered “Blue Moon”, a Belgian-style Wit-bier. Tasted real great, especially with bite of orange 😉

_DSC6759-Edit smalPreparation for a fashion shoot just below Times Square.

_DSC5909-Edit smal

These guys drove down times square several times a day as if it was an emergency, only to stop a little farther down the road, so people could take pictures with the firemen 🙂

_DSC5881-Edit smalTimes Square…..  All the signs that lights up this place at night makes it feel like broad daylight!

_DSC6987-Edit smalbring a lot of dollars! Both for shopping, and for tip

_DSC6857-Edit smal

_DSC6868-Edit smalRobert John Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy

_DSC6745-Edit smalSky high – literally — Trump World Tower

861 feet high,  the Trump World Tower was the tallest all-residential tower in the world briefly, prior to the completion of the 21st Century Tower in Dubai

_DSC6581-Edit smalFlatiron building (1902)

_DSC6471-Edit smalI just had to take the classical long exposure photo from Grand Central Terminal. diggin that I got a couple who kissed goodbye in between all the other blurred busy traffic.

_DSC6940-Edit smalEmpire state building

_DSC6461-Edit smalSoHo. Known for being the location of many artists’ lofts and art galleries, and also, more recently, for the wide variety of stores and shops ranging from trendy boutiques to outlets of upscale national and international chain stores.

_DSC6526-Edit smalOne World trade center (Freedom Tower)

_DSC6541-Edit smalTypical New York architecture

_DSC6579-Edit smalManhattan bridge is quite the build considering is build from 1902-1912. It has four vehicle lanes on the upper level. The lower level has three lanes, four subway tracks, a walkway and a bikeway.

_DSC6564-Edit smalNewer felt unsafe anywhere in Manhattan… and cops almost everywhere!

_DSC6822-Edit smalCheers everyone… I’m definitely going back someday!